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A Call for Scores To be performed and recorded Deadline for Entry:
June 17, 2024 11:59PM (EST)
Submit your score electronically!
Click here for the online submission form!
North/South Consonance, Inc. is currently conducting an open search for compositions to be featured as part of its New York City free-admission concerts during 2024-24.

The upcoming season will celebrate the 45th anniversary of North/South Consonance’s advocacy efforts on behalf of music by living composers. North/South Consonance concerts and recordings feature music by composers from the Americas and the world embodying a wide spectrum of aesthetic views.
Composers are invited to submit works for consideration in accordance with the following guidelines:
  1. All composers are eligible.
    There are no restrictions regarding age, citizenship or institutional affiliation.
  2. Compositions submitted may be scored for any solo instrument, vocal soloists, Pierrot–like ensembles, string ensembles, and/or other mixed ensembles up to a maximum of 18 (eighteen) performers. Compositions employing percussion and/or electronic means are acceptable.
  3. Electronic submissions of PDF and audio files are preferred.
    Please label PDF and audio files as follows: Last Name_Title of Piece_Duration
  4. A non-refundable registration/processing fee of $30 (US Dollars) per composition must accompany all submissions.
    • Payment can be made via Paypal or check/money order issued by a US Bank.
    • If using PayPal please indicate that your payment is for the account of North/South Consonance, Inc. and/or e-mail address
    • Please make checks or money orders payable to NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE, INC.
    • All checks must be payable through a US bank and received no later than June 23, 2024.
    • Submissions not accompanied by the required registration/processing fee will not be considered.
  5. Electronic submissions will be accepted until June 17, 2024 @ 11:59 PM (EST).
    Submit your entry electronically here!
  6. Entries sent via regular mail must be postmarked by June 17, 2024, and received no later than June 23, 2024.
    • Register through the Call for Scores website prior to making submission via regular mail. Submit one bound copy of the complete score.
    • Submit one bound copy of the complete score.
    • Do not send materials via registered, certified and/or express mail.
    • Do not send parts. Do not send original copies of scores or unique manuscripts.
    • Materials submitted for consideration via regular mail will not be returned.
    • If available, an audio CD recording of the work identifying the performers as well as the date and place of performance should accompany the submitted score.
    • A current address, e-mail and telephone number for the author should also be included.
    • Please indicate if the work is registered with ASCAP, BMI, or any other performing rights agency.
    • The Board of Directors of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE, Inc. cannot accept any responsibility for scores, or any other materials lost, misdirected, or damaged while in transit.
    • All submissions and/or communications should be addressed to: NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE, INC.
      P.O. Box 698—Cathedral Station
      New York, NY 10025-0698
  7. Compositions that have not been performed in New York City under professional auspices will be given preference.
    Audio files accompanying score submissions must identify featured performer and/or ensemble as well as date and place where performance took place. Please make sure this information is clearly visible on the title page of the score. Works that have received performances in universities and conservatories are eligible for consideration. MIDI files are acceptable if a live performance recording is not available.
  8. All communications concerning this Call for Scores will be made via e-mail.
    Composers whose works are selected for performances will be notified via e-mail by October 31, 2024.
    Final programming decisions will be published on the North/South Consonance website December 2024.
  9. A panel of distinguished musicians and composers will select the compositions to be performed during the 2024-24 season.
    The members of this panel will also determine the exact number of compositions to be performed during the 2024-24 season. The Board of Directors of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE, Inc will appoint the members of the 2024-24 selection committee. The recommendations and opinions of all members of the selection committee will be strictly confidential. No feedback will be provided to composers who submit works for consideration in response to this call for scores. The recommendations and decisions of the selection committee will be considered final and will not be subject to appeal.
    All individuals responding to this Call for Scores agree to abide by all stated competition guidelines including regulations, general policies, terms of use, and privacy policy.
  10. Composers whose works are selected will be responsible for providing adequate performance materials twelve weeks prior to the concert.
    Composers will assume full responsibility for costs incurred in the rental, copying, reproduction and/or mailing of performance materials.
  11. The NORTH/SOUTH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA and appropriate guest artists will perform the compositions selected for the 2024-24 season.
    NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE, Inc. will assume full responsibility for hiring musicians, performer fees, publicity and other concert-related expenses.
2023-24 Call for Scores Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events in New York City and elsewhere during the 2023-24 season include:

Aaron Alter, Peter Aviss, Alejandro Cardona, Carlos Chavez, Allan Crossman, Wallace De Pue, Lelio Di Tullio, Dorothee Eberhardt, Manuel Enriquez, Akin Euba, Robert Fleisher, Marta Garcia-Renart, David Heuser, Lonnie Hevia, Christopher James, Daniel Kessner, Victor Kioulaphides, Libby Larsen, Jose Lezcano, Robert Martin, Eugene McBride, John McGinn, Johnathan B. McNair, Silvina Milstein, Sheli Nan, Eugene O'Brien, Rufus Reid, Marcela Rodriguez, Miguel Rosas-Cobian, Joel Rosenbaum, Joseph Santo, Jee Seo, Harold Schiffman, William Schimmel, & Gabriel Teixeira. JOIN THEM!

2022-23 Call for Scores Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events in New York City and elsewhere during the 2022-23 season include:

Brian Banks, Munir Beken, Bill Apollo Brown, Harry Bulow, Frank Corcoran, Carmel Curiel, Odaline De la Martinez, Aurelio De la Vega, Federico Ermirio, Robert Fleisher, John-William Gambrell, Osvaldo Golijov, Doris Sorrel Hays, Richard Heller, James Kachulis, Paul Konye, Robert Lemay, Leonard Mark Lewis, Robert Martin, Eduardo Mata, Johnathan B. McNair, Madoka Mori, Sheli Nan, William Ortiz, Barbara Rettagliati, Joseph Rivers, Alexandro Rodriguez, B. Allen Schulz, Hsueh-Yung Shen, Rob Smith, Xuesi Xu & Francisco Zapata-Bello. JOIN THEM!

2019-20 Call for Scores Roster:
Beth Anderson, Bozo Banovic, Alejandro Basulto, Elizabeth Bell, Hector Campos-Parsi, Edmund Cionek, Ernesto Cordero, Allan Crossman, Leandro Espinosa, Anne H. Goldberg, Alison Yun-Fei Jiang, Debra Kaye, Victor Kioulaphides, Katrina Krimsky, Robert Martin, Zibuokle Martinaityte, David Maves, Sheli Nan, Niloufar Nourbaksh, Heejong Park, Raoul Pleskow, Ethan Resnick, Maureen Reyes, Marga Richter, John Rivera-Pico, Miguel Rosas-Cobian, William Schimmel, B. Allen Schulz, Leonardo Suarez-Paz, Davide Tammaro, Andrew Thomas, William Toutant, Camille van Lunen, Lilia Vazquez-Kuntze, Roger Wesby, Thomas Whitman & Rain Worthington. JOIN THEM!

2018-19 Call for Scores Roster:
Jorge Antunes, Peter Aviss, Hayg Boyadjian, Hector Campos-Parsi, Teresa Carreño, Frank Corcoran, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Allan Crossman, Manuel Enriquez, Federico Ermirio, Igor Escudero, David Froom, Karina Glasinovic, Rodolfo Halffter, Eduardo Hernandez-Moncada, Ssu Yu Huang, Chirstopher James, Mikhail Johnson, Timothy Kramer, Paul Konye, John David Little, Edna Longoria, Robert Martin, Odaline de la Martinez, John McGinn, Gilberto Mendes, Julia Mermelstein, Federic Mompou, Heather Niemi-Savage, Leslie Opatril, William Ortiz, Paul Richards, Joseph Rivers, Alexandro Rodriguez, Joaquin Rodrigo, Manuel de Sumaya, Carlos Surinach, Hilary Tann, Alicia Terzian, William Toutant, Sarah Wald & John Winsor.

2017 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2017-18 season include Brian Banks, Alejandro Basulto, Ofer Ben-Amots, Richard Brooks, Oliver Caplan, Carlos Chavez, Ricardo Coelho de Souza, Dinos Constantinides, Manuel Enriquez, Mirtru Escalona-Mijares, Harold Fortuin, Alberto Ginastera, Michelle Green-Willner, Carlos Guastavino, Douglas Hedwig, Josh Henderson, Ching-chu Hu, Carla Magnan, Jorge Martin, Robert Martin, David Maves, Leslie Opatril, Julian Orbon, Raoul Pleskow, Paul Reale, Silvestre Revueltas, Harold Schiffman, Alicia Terzian, Raymond Torres-Santos, Lilia Vazquez-Kuntze & Icli Zitella. Join Them!

Call For Scores 2016 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2016-17 season include Miguel del Aguila, Rafael Aponte-Ledee, Clotilde Arias, Blas Emilio Atehortua, Elizabeth Bell, Edmund Cionek, Dinos Constantinides, Aurelio de la Vega, Manuel Enriquez, Julián Fueyo, Celso Garrido-Lecca, Gonzalo Garrido-Lecca, Alberto Ginastera, Chiquinha Gonzaga, Frederic Glesser, Arthur Gottschalk, Fusun Koksal, Ernesto Lecuona, José Lezcano, Robert Martin, David Maves, Patricia Morehead, Leslie Opatril, Douglas Ovens, Andres Posada, Silvestre Revueltas, Ivan Enrique Rodríguez, Leonardo Suarez Paz, Hilary Tann, Andrew Thomas, William Toutant, Joaquin Turina, Lilia Vazquez-Kuntze, Meira Warshauer, Betty Wishart, Margarita Zelenaia & Icli Zitella. Join Them!

Call For Scores 2015 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2015-16 season include Brian Banks, Ofer Ben Amots, Elizabeth Bell, Paolo Boggio, Benet Casablancas, Carlos Chávez, Christopher Ha Chun, David Colson, Allan Crossman, Leandro Espinosa, Joel Feigin, JB Floyd, Paolo Geminiani, José Luis Gómez, Matthew Halper, Mikhail Johnson, Francis Kayali, Daniel Kessner, Katrina Krimsky, Eun-Young Lee, José Lezcano, Robert Martin, Marcela Pavia, Vincent Persichetti, Carlos Rodríguez, Harold Schiffman, Joyce Solomon-Moorman, Hainu Tan, Salvador Torré, William Toutant, Eddie Venegas, Margarita Zelenaia & Marilyn Ziffrin. Join Them!

Call For Scores 2014 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2014-15 season include Elizabeth Bell, Ari Ben-Shabetai, Allyson Bellink, Oliver Caplan, Kai-Young Chan, Edmund Cionek, Ernesto Cordero, Dinos Constantinides, Frank Corcoran, Ernesto Cordero, Emma Lou Diemer, Mathew Durrant, Suzanne Farrin, Ada Gentile, David Heuser, Laura Kaminsky, Eugene Marlow, Robert Martin, Patricia Morehead, William Ortiz, Douglas Ovens, William Pfaff, Raoul Pleskow, Terry Riley, William Schimmel, Augusta Read Thomas, Thomas Whitman, Peter Winkler, & Margarita Zelenaia. Join Them!

Call For Scores 2013 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2013-14 season includeDarwin Aquino, Brian Banks, Elizabeth Bell, Silvia Berg, Daniel Blake, Hayg Boyadjian, Carlos Chávez, Juan Pablo Contreras, Ramiro Cortés, Ada Gentile, Brian Wilbur Grundstrom, Katherine Hoover, May Howlett, Victor Kioulaphides, Tonia Ko, Agustín Lara, José Lezcano, Ricardo Llorca, Tudor Dominik Maican, Carleton Macy, Federico Mompou, Xavier Motsalvage, Alla Pavlova, Matthew Peterson, María Teresa Prieto, Bernard Rands, Joaquín Rodrigo, Manuel M. Ponce, Silvestre Revueltas, Joseph Rubinstein, Harold Schiffman, Alice Shields, William Toutant, Antonio Valencia, Anna Veismane, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Roger Wesby, John Winsor, Wong Chun Wai & Margarita Zelenaia. Join them!

Call For Scores 2012 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2012-13 season includeElizabeth Bell, Arthur Berger, Harry Bulow, Héctor Campos-Parsi, Carlos José Castro, Carlos Chávez, Frank Corcoran, Ernesto Cordero, Zosha Di Castri, Narciso Figueroa, Alberto Ginastera, María Grever, Katherine Hoover, Daniel Kessner, Agustín Lara, Mei-Fang Lin, Binnette Lipper, Charles Norman Mason, Ernesto Nazareth, Nailah Nombeko, William Ortiz, William Pfaff, Kala Pierson, Manuel M. Ponce, Silvestre Revueltas, Johnathan Russell, José Serebrier, Roberto Sierra, Harold Schiffman, Joyce Solomon-Moorman, Hilary Tann, Salvador Torre, Anna Veismane, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Rain Worthington, Margarita Zelenaia & Marilyn J. Ziffrin. Join them!

Call For Scores 2011 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2011-12 season includeOfer Ben Amots, Elizabeth Bell, Jennifer Castellano, Edmund Cionek, Juan Pablo Contreras, I'lana Cotton, Aurelio de la Vega, Enrique de Marchena, David Farrell, Ada Gentile, Yalil Guerra, N. Lincoln Hanks, Juan Pablo Jofre, Christopher James, Victor Kioulaphides, Robert Martin, Luis Prado, Robert Rival, Leon Schidlowsky, Harold Schiffman, Manuel Sosa, Chen Yao, Stephen Yip & Barbara Wesby. Join them!

Call For Scores 2010 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2010-11 season includeTalia Amar, Rafael Aponte-Ledeé, Elizabeth Bell, Allen Brings, Chou, Wen-chung, Dinos Constantinides, Frank Corcoran, Aurelio de la Vega, Federico Ermirio, Jean Francaix, Elizabeth Gaskill, Edward Green, Moon Young Ha, Sean Hickey, Federico Ibarra-Groth, Paul Konye, José Lezcano, Mei-Fang Lin, Liviu Marinescu, Roert Martin, David Maves, Dosia McKay, William Ortiz, Howard Quilling, Raoul Pleskow, Carlos Rausch, Alexander Semmler, Henri Tomasi & Rain Worthington. Join them!

Call For Scores 2009 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2009-10 season includeElizabeth Bell, John G. Bilotta, Paolo Boggio, Victoria Bond, Alla Borzova, Jennifer Castellano, Enrico Chapela, Allan Crossman, Elisenda Fábregas, John Frantzen, Edward Green, Katherine Hoover, Vera Ivanova, Veronica Krausas, Francis Kayali, Massimo Lauricella, Robert Martin, Jacqueline Nova, Alla Pavlova, Harold Schiffman, Faye-Ellen Silverman, Steven Strunk, Hilary Tann, Joyce Wai-chung Tang, Alicia Terzián, Nils Vigeland, Thomas Whitman, Awilda Villarini, Stephen Yip, Peiying Yuan, Judith Lang Zaimont, Margarita Zelenaia, & Marilyn J. Ziffrin. Join them!

Call For Scores 2008 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2008-09 season includeOfer Ben Amots, Brain Banks, Dwight Banks, Münir Beken, Elizabeth Bell, Richard Brooks, Canary Burton, Patrick Castillo, Jordí Cervello, Dinos Constantinides, Carson Cooman, Dean Drummond, Stephen Feigenbaum, Bernardo Feldman, Daniel Haldar, Lee Hoiby, Nikolas Jeleniauskas, Dennis Kam, Yoshihiro Kanno, Daniel Kessner, Leo Kraft, Tudor Dominik Maican, Sarah Meneely-Kyder, Beata Moon, Patricia Morehead, David Patterson, Ned Rorem, Manuel Sosa, Andrea Reinkemeyer, Gabriele Vanoni, Joyce Walter, Rain Worthington, and Stephen Yip. Join them!

Call For Scores 2007 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2007–08 season includeRafael Aponte-Ledée, Elizabeth Bell, Victoria Bond, Hayg Boyadjian, Eleanor Cory, Christopher Dietz, Kenneth D. Froelich, Christopher James, Lei Liang, Rami Levin, José Lezcano, Max Lifchitz, Binnette Lipper, Tudor Dominik Maican, Richard Owen, Howard Quilling, Dominique Schafer, Harold Schiffman, Hilary Tann, Mary Jeanne van Appledorn, Jorge Vidales, Awilda Villarini, Rain Worthington, Gregg Wramage, and Marilyn Ziffrin. Join them!

Call For Scores 2006 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2006–07 season includeJorge Antunes, Asher Ben-Yohanan, Roque Cordero, David Diamond, Michael Djupstrom, Cynthia Folio, Orlando García, Edward Green, Walter Hartley, Eun-Young Lee, Rami Levin, Max Lifchitz, William Mayer, Karola Obermüller, Betty Olivero, Douglas Ovens, Richard Owen, David Patterson, Christos Pittas, Jeremy Podgursky, Sarah Quarteland Manuel Sosa. Join them!

Call For Scores 2005 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2005–06 season includeElizabeth Bell, Offer Ben-Amots, Harry Bulow, Lee Calhoun, Alessandra Ciccaglione, Aurelio De la Vega, Gerald Elias, Jennifer Fowler, Ada Gentile, Gunhild Glass, Dante Grela, Vera Ivanova, Fedor Kabalin, Sunbim Kim, Astrid Kruisselbrink, Massimo Lauricella, Max Lifchitz, Andrew List, David McMullen, John Melby, Marcela Beatriz Pavia, Raoul Pleskow, Nora Ponte, Carlos Rausch, Peter Seabourne, Randall Snyder, Hubert Stuppner, Alicia Terzián, Raymond Torres-Santos, Joseph Trapanese and Marilyn J. Ziffrin. Join them!

Call For Scores 2004 Roster:
Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2004–2005 season included Ernst Bacon, Nurit Barlev, Larry Thomas Bell, Herb Bielawa, German Cáceres, I'lana Cotton, Allan Crossman, Manuel de Elías, Emma Lou Diemer, Akin Euba, Sergio Fidemraizer, Marisol Gentile, Christopher James, Stefania de Kennesey, Gee-Bum Kim, José Lezcano, Mei-Fang Lin, William Mayer, Kermit Moore, William Ortiz, Jonathan Pieslak, Harold Schiffman, B. Allen Schulz, Ricardo Tacuchian, Mary Jeanne van Appledorn, James Yannatos and Stefan Weisman. Join them!

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