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Warm Greetings!
Thanks for visiting the North/South website.
During the early autumn days of 1980, a remarkable group of musicians came together to perform the first North/South Chamber Orchestra concert. While much has changed in 38 years, the musical values cherished in those early days—flexibility, intimacy, commitment to the community, and consummate artistry—continue to propel this amazing ensemble.
In a culture overwhelmed by mere entertainment, the imposing breadth of North/South events celebrates the astonishing spectrum of creative voices among us while upholding an all-too-rare commitment to artistic innovation.
Our free-admission concerts are peppered with lively commentary designed to enhance your listening experience. Performed by superb vocalists and musicians, our inventive programs showcase music by three generations of composers hailing from throughout the Americas and the world. Often new to New York, their refreshingly accessible music never fails to stimulate, challenge and excite.
The ever-expanding North/South Recordings catalogue embodies a substantial musical legacy. Featuring expert performances of today's repertoire these compact discs offer scholars an invaluable window into the musical world of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Available for streaming and sale through your favorite retail outlet, these albums bring the music of composers we champion to an international audience and the convenience of your home.
The thoughtfulness of friends and patrons has allowed us to bring the best in contemporary music to New York City audiences. Your charitable tax-deductible contribution will empower us to keep supporting creativity and innovation. Your generous gift will help us proceed vigorously into the next 39 years of musical discovery.
Take note of the virtuosic North/South Chamber Orchestra. Be present at its events. Let yourself be swayed by the allure, drama and energy of today's music.
—Max Lifchitz, Founder & Director
News and Updates:
2019 Winter/Spring Concert Season Concludes June 18!
On Tuesday evening June 18 the North/South Chamber Orchestra concludes its 39th consecutive season performing five exciting works by composers from Italy and the Americas. To be heard in New York for the first time are recent works by Hayg Boyadjian, Federico Ermirio, Max Lifchitz and Julia Mermelstein. Also, an unusual work for strings by Teresa Carreno the legendary 19th century pianist-composer from Venezuela. Soloists include flutist Lisa Hansen and cellist Rose Bart. This free-admission event will start at 8 PM and will be held at the beautiful auditorium of Christ and St Stephen's Church on Manhattan's West Side. Concert Details
Rose Bart
Rose Bart
Hayg Boyadjian
Hayg Boyadjian
Federico Ermirio
Federico Ermirio
Lisa Hansen
Lisa Hansen
julia mermelstein
Julia Mermelstein
Click here for our 2018–19 FREE concert schedule, held at the acoustically excellent Christ and St. Stephen's Church on New York City's Upper West Side as well as other events around town. Download our Concert Schedule (click PDF icon for printable version)
Catalog Online
Our current catalog is now available for streaming and download through the Arkiv Music website. CD's are also available for purchase through Amazon, iTunes, Spotify or your favorite retailer. Please feel free to peruse our 60+ titles. Registered users can write their own reviews and submit them so they appear with each product!
Call for Scores!
Information for the 2020 Call for Scores will be posted soon!

North/South Consonance's Call for Scores is an annual search for new works from around the world for performance and release on CD.

Composers whose music is part of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE events during the 2018–19 season include:
Jorge Antunes
Peter Aviss
Hayg Boyadjian
Hector Campos-Parsi
Teresa Carreño
Frank Corcoran
Ruth Crawford Seeger
Allan Crossman
Manuel Enriquez
Federico Ermirio
Igor Escudero
David Froom
Karina Glasinovic
Rodolfo Halffter
Eduardo Hernandez-Moncada
Ssu Yu Huang
Chirstopher James
Mikhail Johnson
Timothy Kramer
Paul Konye
John David Little
Edna Longoria
Robert Martin
Odaline de la Martinez
John McGinn
Gilberto Mendes
Julia Mermelstein
Federic Mompou
Heather Niemi-Savage
Leslie Opatril
William Ortiz
Paul Richards
Joseph Rivers
Alexandro Rodriguez
Joaquin Rodrigo
Manuel de Sumaya
Carlos Surinach
Hilary Tann
Alicia Terzian
William Toutant
Sarah Wald
John Winsor
Praise for our North/South Consonance Concert Series and Recordings
We Need Your Support!
North/South Consonance, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization devoted to the performance, promotion and recording of music by composers from our time. We depend on the generosity of individuals like you to advance our mission. Please click here to make a charitable contribution to support our future activities.
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