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About North/South Consonance
Since 1980, North/South Consonance has garnered widespread praise for its eloquent performances of music by composers of our time. Under the leadership of Max Lifchitz, its founder and director, this adventurous ensemble has brought to the attention of the New York public over 750 different works by composers from every corner of the world.

The press has favorably acknowledged the many attractive CD albums issued by North/South Recordings. "Enthusiastic performances...enough to express the boiling power of the music" is how The Philadelphia Inquirer greeted In the Receding Mist (N/S R No. 1003). Robert Croan, writing for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, referred to the same album as "an excellent disc." The Washington Post declared that Of Bondage and Freedom (N/S R No. 1004) contains "intriguing instrumental works, works that span the emotions from pain to ecstasy." Fanfare Magazine remarked as follows on the recently released Carnaval/Carnival (N/S R 1028): "Recorded within days of the September 11 attack, the performances all glow."

The North/South Consonance Ensemble is available for recording sessions, college residencies and other touring related activities. For repertory options and availability please e-mail our office at or call (212) 663-7566.
The North/South Consonance Ensemble
North/South Consonance, Inc. wishes to acknowledge the following organizations whose generosity has made our recordings and concert activities possible:

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Max Lifchitz and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg greets Max Lifchitz at the Immigrant Heritage Week Breakfast at Gracie Mansion, April 11, 2008.
About Max Lifchitz
Max Lifchitz was awarded first prize in the 1976 International Gaudeamus Competition for Performers of Twentieth Century Music held in Holland. Robert Commanday, writing for The San Francisco Chronicle described him as "a young composer of brilliant imagination and a stunning, ultra-sensitive pianist." New York Times music critic Allan Kozinn praised Mr. Lifchitz for his "clean, measured and sensitive performances" while Anthony Tommasini remarked that he "conducted a strong performance." Payton MacDonald writing for the American Record Guide remarked, "Mr. Lifchitz is as good on the podium as he is behind the piano."

Donal Henahan, also writing for the New York Times, stated "Mr. Lifchitz, who is the enterprising director of North/South Consonance, is also an ambidextrous conductor of complex music. His own piece required him to beat intricate polyrhythms -- not only fairly simple patterns like 4 with one hand against 3 with the other, but also such metrical puzzles as 3 against 11 or 5 against 13."

A graduate of The Juilliard School and Harvard University, Mr. Lifchitz has appeared in concert and recital throughout the US, Latin America and Europe. His CD album devoted to the piano music of México elicited the following comment from Fanfare Magazine: "After several listenings, North/South Recordings No. 1010 is recommended to more than just a specialist audience because of the wide variety of attractive and challenging music that it contains. Lifchitz is a poetic pianist with requisite power to make the many granitic climaxes register. Easily, the most interesting new piano disc so far in 1996."

The American Record Guide commented as follows on Mr. Lifchitz’s album The American Collection (N/SR 1014): "suffice it to say that it would be hard to find a better snapshot of what American composers have been writing for the piano in the past decade than this collection. Lifchitz plays everything with sensitivity and force, where appropriate; and recorded sound is vivid and natural."

His CD album Diversions (North/South Recordings No. 1026) elicited the following comments from the London-based Gramophone Magazine: "Lifchitz has devised a charming programme of previously unrecorded pieces… His affectionate playing provides surprising emotional weight… Beautifully recorded album… Recommended."

Writer Jack Sullivan, reviewing Lifchitz's solo piano albums for the American Record Guide stated: "Max Lifchitz, for whom much of the music featured in Final Bell (N/S R 1044) was written, plays with his usual brave authority, and North/South's sound has a large, much-needed dynamic range." And concerning American Women Composers (N/S R 1043) Mr. Sullivan wrote: "better to celebrate this engaging collection of new music played with color and commitment by one of America's finest exponents of contemporary piano music."

Robert Schulslaper writing for Fanfare Magazine acknowledged: "Lifchitz, who is never less than technically adroit, chooses judicious tempos, shapes phrases masterfully, and is never alert to fluctuations in mood. He's a communicative performer who clearly places his sympathetic heart and mind at the service of the composer. The compact disc Moods (North/South Recordings No. 1049) is an admirable introduction to the music of four women composers who have eschewed the extremes of modernism to speak clearly and directly to their audience."

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