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Russell Woollen
Irving Fine
Harry Bulow
Nancy Bloomer Deussen
Mark Alburger

Max Lifchitz, piano

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Track List
2. Russell Woollen: Petit Rondo
10. Nancy Bloomer Deussen: Piano Prelude
11. Deussen: Amber Waves

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Cheerfulness and joy are qualities not often associated with the music of 20th century masters. The purpose of this collection is to showcase works written during the recent past by American composers that charm and delight.

All the featured compositions appear on disc for the first time. They espouse a variety of styles and persuasions that range from the taut, neo-baroque style of Irving Fine to the decidedly romantic lyricism of Nancy Bloomer Deussen; from the jazz inspired works by Bulow and Woollen to the conspicuously post-modern, tongue-in-cheek approach of Alburger's The Twelve Fingers. Undoubtedly, these compositions reveal an all-too-rare aspect of contemporary musical thinking. Great care was exercised during the entire recording process to capture the natural ambience of the concert hall and the wide dynamic range of the music. Please use a moderate volume setting when playing this disc.

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