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Old Meets New
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Old Meets New
Gilberto Mendes, Mikhail Johnson, Jorge Vidales, Harold Schiffman, William Toutant, Douglas Ovens, Max Lifchitz, Karl Weigl

Max Lifchitz, piano


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Featured in this album are eight highly accessible and appealing compositions from the Americas. Pianist Max Lifchitz introduced them to New York audiences as part of public events sponsored by North/South Consonance, Inc.

The featured works reveal a common desire to revamp and impart new life to musical structures inherited from the 18th and 19th centuries. Their composers espouse non-doctrinaire aesthetic positions while being keenly aware of the musical past. Their unique voices come to light by fusing 20th century innovations with the rich pianistic tradition of the Classical and Romantic eras.

The album inludes music by Mikhail Johnson, Max Lifchitz, Gilberto Mendes, Douglas Ovens, Harold Schiffman, William Toutant, Jorge Vidales, and Karl Weigl.

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