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Need Help Shopping Online? (
If you need help with or are experiencing problems while creating a North South Recordings shopper account, logging into the system, adding items to your cart or checking out an order, please email our webmaster for a prompt solution.

Technical Issues & Error Messages (
If you experience any technical difficulty (including errors) while using this site or if you have questions about shopping security or other technical issues please email our webmaster and include the text of any error messages you recieved and a detailed description of what you were doing at the time of the error. Please include the following information:

The Computer & Operating System you are using
(PC Windows 95/98/2000, MAC G2, etc...)

The Browser & Browser Version you are using
(IE v5.0, Netscape v4.7, etc...)

The Type of Connection to the internet you are using
(56k Modem, DSL, T1, etc...)

Product Questions & General Information (
Use this email address for general questions about our company, location, shipping your order, product returns, and refund policies. Click here for information about our Privacy Policy

By Mail:  North South Recordings
Street Address
City, ST 00000

System Help

Adding Items to you Basket
Select the items you want to place in your Basket by clicking the sqare "checkbox" next to the item you want. If a product comes in more than one size, you must check the small box to the left each size you wish to purchase.

Once you have selected all the items you want to place in your Basket, clicking the "Add Items to Basket" button located next to any item will add the selected items to your Shopping Basket.

You will know when an item has been successfully added to your Shopping Basket when it appears in the "Basket Summary" on the left side of your screen. Note: The "Basket Summary" will show only one mention of each product regardless of quantity.

You will also know an item is in your Shopping Basket when the In Your Basket! icon appears to the far right of the product name.

Viewing your Basket & Checking Out
You can see exactly what is in your Basket at any time by clicking the "View Basket" link on the nav bar to the left of every page.

On the Basket page, you can remove items from your Basket, change quantities and recalculate your order total. When you are ready to check out, simply click the "Check Out" button. To keep shopping where you left off, just click the "Keep Shopping" button.

Checking Out
When you click the "Check Out" button on the Basket Page (or the link on the nav bar on the left of any page), you will start the checkout process.

To make your shopping experience as intuitive as possible, we have streamlined our checkout process as much as possible. Upon clicking the "Check Out" button in your Shopping Basket, users with existing accounts will be automatically taken to the "Shipping and Billing Information" page. Users that are not currently logged in will be allowed to log in using an existing account and users that do not have an account will be given the opportunity to register.

Shipping and Billing Information
On the "Shipping and Billing Information" page you will see a summary of your order as well as the default shipping and billing address on file for your account. You can choose a different shipping or billing address from your Address Book (created during registration) or add a new address on-the-fly.

You will then see the email address to which a confirmation email will be sent. If this address is incorrect please go back and correct it by clicking the "Edit Email Address" button. An incorrect email address will mean that you will not receive the confirmation email for your order. This email contains important information about your order including your order number, delivery estimates and tracking information.

Next you will see the available shipping methods for your chosen Shipping Address. Choosing a new shipping method is as simple as selecting a new method from the dropdown menu provided. As soon as you make a change, the page will reload and the new shipping information will be displayed.

Finally you will see the payment information area where you must enter your credit card information. This is a secure page and any information you enter here will be securely encrypted using SSL and a Secure Server Certificate. You can verify this at any time by looking for a small "closed padlock" icon in the bottom of your browser window.

When all your information has been entered and you're ready to continue, simply click the "Review Your Order" button at the very bottom of the page.

Review Your Order
This step allows you to review your order one last time before submitting it for processing. Please look over your order summary and take a moment to verify that your shipping and billing addresses are correct. If you want to make any changes, click the "Make Changes" button located near the bottom of the page. If everything is correct, simply click the "Send Order" button at the bottom of the page. Please note that your order will not be complete until you see the "Confirmation Page" that appears after you've clicked the "Send Order" button.

Order Confirmation
When you see the Order Confirmation screen, you will know that we have received your order and that it will be processed. Please make a note of your order number or follow the on-screen instructions for printing out the confirmation page. A confirmation will also be sent to you via email.

To avoid confusion, we ask that you do not bookmark the confirmation page. Your order, along with any other orders you have placed on our site can be found and reviewed by selecting the "Shopping History" link from the nav bar at the left of every page.

Still Having Trouble?
If you encounter any difficulty placing your order or using the site, please click here for information about who to contact.

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